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Our Recommended Service Providers


Car Rentals
LYI Car Rental Agentfor all leading Companies in Israel (see ad on right)

02-582-7646 718-337-8767 Airport Pick Up and Drop off Available

Housekeeping Service
Spotless Housekeeping

Spotless Housekeeping and Maintenance in Jerusalem offers a professional and reliable (daily) service at a reasonable price, in Jerusalem and surrounding areas. References available upon request.

Phone: 055-947-0776  "Contact us on Whats App" Email:             

Looking for an easier way to park in Yerushalayim? We recommend the following app:
Unlimited IsraelPHONE RENTALS

Sim card rentals, flip phones, smart phones, American numbers available. Low rates! Contact us to reserve your Israel cell phone. (See ad to the right )


Rent A CellUnlimited Cell Phone Plan for $4/day

Rent a Cell offers great low rates on unlimited cell phone plans in Israel. Free Delivery in the USA before you travel and pay only $4/ day for a fully unlimited plan. USA phone numbers are available 929-777-5869

Taxi Companies
Rechavia Taxi02-625-4444
Bar Ilan Taxi02-586-6666
Hapalmach Taxi02-679-2333
Travel Insurance
Rental Guardian

Don't forget to secure your travelers insurance for your upcoming trip! Rental Guardian offers health plans, baggage protection against lost or damaged luggage, flight delay and more. Travel Protection is highly recommended in case you need to cancel your trip for any reason. Very reasonable rates! (see ad on right)  

Dry Cleaners
Hapisga Dry CleanersFree Pick Ups and Drop Offs Available
02-997-4060/ 072-251-0022
Best Clean CleanersFree Drop Offs Available
02-581-2040/ 052-384-7041
HaDavidka Dry CleanersFree Pick Ups and Drop Offs Available
Hours: Sun- Thurs 8:00 am- 7:00 pm, Fri 8:00 am- 1:00 pm
02-538-2062/ 072-310-0487
Superwash Dry Cleaning and LaundryLocated at Ibn Shaprut 1 (on the corner of Ibn Shaprut and Keren Kayemet)
Night Nanny InternationalWe provide day and night nannies and babysitting services
Money Changers
Friendly, English speaking currency changers, great rates and quick service. Conveniently located right in the heart of Shaarei Chessed.
Wolfson Mall9 Diskin St.
Access Credit21 Keren Kayemet St.

Food & Restaurants

Debbie Levy CateringHomestyle food, Badatz Ingredients (see ad on right)
ShabbosKodesh.comDelicious food for Shabbos delivered to your door (see ad on right)
Call 718-305-5319/ 02-651-6845
Paper Goods
Shigaon Shel ShulchanWonderful Paper goods store that can help you put together beautiful combinations to make your Shabbos/ Yom Tov or Simcha Table beautiful and special. Why Schlep paper goods from home, call Shigaon and get great paper goods, excellent service, delivered right to your apartmentís door (see ad on right)
Phone Orders Accepted
02-651-9618/ 052-679-0259
Dairy Restaurants
Cafe' RimonHeavily American populated open Cafe in the heart of the Ben Yehuda Midrachov. Separate Dairy and Meat restaurants with a large selections of American style food with an Israeli twist. Friendly and quick service. Hechsher: Harav Mahpud Yoreh Deah

Mamilla Mall 1-599-501-030

PiccolinoHechsher: Rabanut Yerushalayim Mehadrin
12 Yoel Solomon St; Center of Town
New Dairy Restaurant, Similar to the Beit Ticho House, nice quaint environment, good food.
LucianaHechsher: Rabanut Yerushalayim Mehadrin
8 Mamilla located in the Mamilla Mall
Very popular upscale dairy restaurant overlooking the Old City Walls, beautiful and great service!
Meat Restaurants
J'oy Meat InHechsher: Badatz Beit Yosef
13 Mamilla (Located in the Mamilla Mall)
Great service, unique delicious steakhouse
GabrielaHechsher: Rabanut Jerusalem Mehadrin
5 Shimon Ben Shetach St.
Upscale fine dining in the heart of Jerusalem. Wonderful service, tasty food. Highly recommended!
Korus Al HaeshHechsher: Rabanut Yerushalayim Kosher Lmehadrin
Center 1, 43 Yirmiyahu
Standard Steakhouse, nice quick service, reasonably priced and good food.

Beauty & Health

Holistic Medicine
Balance Center

Balance Center for Complementary Medicine- Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Ear Candling, Homeopathy, Nutrition- for all your holistic healthcare needs during your stay in Jerusalem! Conveniently located at 33 KKL in Rechavia. Call us to find out how we can help you feel better today! 058-567-6758 or email us at

Medical Center
We hope that you and your family will be healthy while visiting Israel. In the event that you need to see a doctor, we highly recommend the Wolfson Medical Center in the Wolfson Towers. Their English speaking doctors and Staff will make you feel right at home.
Wolfson Medical CenterEnglish speaking and very knowledgeable doctors will put you at ease. Give them a call and they can offer you an appointment and instructions on how things work in Israel. You will feel right at home in this office.
9 Diskin, 3rd Floor
Sun-Th: 8am-6pm
Fri: 8am-12pm
Ofek Medical LabOn the same level as the Wolfson Medical Center, 3rd floor, there is a very nice and clean Private Lab for routine blood tests you may need while you are away. They provide results to your tests same day.
9 Diskin, 3rd floor
Hadassa Ein KeremHadassah Medical Center
Location: Kiryat Hadassah,
POB 12000 Jerusalem, 91120, Israel
Local Hospitals
Shaare Zedek Medical CenterJerusalem
12 Bayit Street Jerusalem 91031, Israel
Hadassa Ein KeremHadassah Medical Center
Location: Kiryat Hadassah,
POB 12000 Jerusalem, 91120, Israel
Shaare Zedek Medical CenterJerusalem
12 Bayit Street Jerusalem 91031, Israel
Spa Treatments
The Inbal Hotel SpaMassage and Spa Treatments, located within walking distance to many of our apartments
Jabotinsky 3
David Citadel Hotel SpaMassage and Spa Treatments, located within walking distance to many of our apartments
King David 7
The Inbal Hotel SpaJabotinsky 3
Massage and Spa Treatments, located within walking distance to many of our apartments
David Citadel Hotel SpaKing David 7
Massage and Spa Treatments, located within walking distance to many of our apartments
The Lifestyle Health and Fitness CenterKeep fit this trip! The Lifestyle Health and Fitness Center offers personal training services, physical therapy and therapeutic massage. Providing a frum environment, male/female professionals as per request. US phone: 732 228 8891 Israel Office: 02 538 6222. or visit www.Lifestylehealthandfitness.Org
Iron GymFor both Men and Women
19 Keren Hayesod St.
CurvesFor Women Only
38 Pierre Koening St.
Razim GymFor Women Only
9 Diskin St.
Beauty Salons
Princess Spa and CosmeticsAt Princess Spa and Cosmetics step into the kingdom of health, beauty and wellness to be the center of attention and pamper yourself like you deserve. Located in the center of town of Jerusalem, professional and trained staff provide royal treatment from head to toe; manicure, pedicure, nail building, nail art, facials, tanning, massage, waxing, and hair.
16 King George St.
Yullia SpaBeautiful new Nail Spa Lounge with great customer service located across from the King David Hotel. Take a break from your busy touring schedule and have a pampering experience with your daughter. Manicures, Pedicures and Cosmetic Treatments. Appointments are recommended but not necessary.
16 King David St.


When traveling to Israel, a lot of planning is involved. Here are some important Airline and Airport numbers that you may find useful. We hope you will not lose your luggage while traveling; however, in the event that you have a problem, please contact the appropriate airlines lost and found.
Ben Gurion Airport General information:
Flight information:
ELAL AirlinesIsrael: 03-977-1111
USA: 1-800-223-6700
Submit Lost Baggage Online
Delta AirlinesIsrael: 03-975-4058
USA: 1-800-221-1212
Submit Lost Baggage Online
United AirlinesUSA: 1-800-864-8331
Lost Baggage Claim Form:
Lost Baggage Claim Online
Credit Card Rewards
Get PEYDPeyd now offers full vacation planning as well as our popular PAY WITH POINTS for Airline Reservations where our travel team finds you the best airfare, books it for you and takes your points to pay for the flights! (see ad on right)
Call 646-801-PEYD (7393)
Travel Agency
Traveler's Choice(see ad on right)
866-GET-ANYWHERE/ 212-868-8698
Israel Entry Lenience Updates: Covid-19 Valid Reasons for Entry:

Here are the cases where you will be exceptionally approved and, after examination, foreigners entering Israel:

 A foreigner who is married to an Israeli citizen or permanent resident (who is not undergoing legal proceedings) and their minor children who meet the following cumulative conditions:

 1.1 The marriage is registered in the Population Register


 1.2 The spouse's life center (in the year preceding the application to enter Israel or during 2019):


 The Israeli mother stayed in Israel for 180 days and the foreign spouse stayed in Israel for at least 90 days.


 If both spouses live abroad (that is, they did not stay in Israel as required in the previous paragraphs) and the foreigner visited Israel during the three years preceding the request - the application will be submitted as required and upon examination and approval, the foreigner will be admitted.

 A.  In cases where the Israeli is in Israel and abroad, a referral will be made through the Bureau of the Population Authority.

 B.  In cases where the couple resides abroad, a referral will be made directly through the Israeli representative in lieu of the alien's stay:


 A foreigner / foreigner who is living abroad and is married to an Israeli citizen or permanent resident (who is undergoing a graded procedure) as well as their minor children will be allowed to enter the foreigner and the minors, provided that the foreigner holds or holds a type B, 2 or A 5 license under the graded procedure.

 A.  In cases where the Israeli is in Israel and abroad, a referral will be made through the Bureau of the Population Authority.

 B.  In cases where the couple resides abroad, a referral will be made directly through the Israeli representative in lieu of the alien's stay:

 third.  The entry of minors who are not part of the graded process will not be allowed.

 Minor children for parents, one parent being an Israeli citizen living in Israel and the other parent being a foreigner living abroad, and the children living abroad and having a foreign passport -

 In these cases, the child will be allowed to visit the Israeli parent after presenting the original and duly authenticated birth certificate (Apostille stamp), which proves the connection to the Israeli citizen and the foreign parent's signature to the consul on a consent letter authorizing the minor's trip to Israel.

 A referral will be made directly through the Israeli Representative in place of the alien's stay:, and as approved, the Consul will issue a permit for the flight.

 An apostille stamp exemption, in exceptional cases, will be granted by the Head of the Consular Division in the Foreign Office or Deputy.

 The parent must handle the child's registration within 90 days of entry into Israel in accordance with the law.

 Foreign students who began their studies in Israel and are abroad - a reference will be made by the academic institution, not by the student, in accordance with the instructions sent to the heads of academic institutions.

 Married yeshiva students (students) who began their studies in Israel and are abroad - a reference will be made by the yeshiva students are studying, rather than by the yeshiva students, in accordance with the instructions sent to the yeshiva leaders.

 Experts - A limited number of experts will be approved, defined as required for national infrastructure and / or functional continuity of the economy.  The approval will be made subject to the recommendation of the relevant government office and approval of the Immigration and Immigration Administration of Immigrant Workers as specified in the Procedure (Expert Entry Procedure). / he / service / working_permit_for_foreign_workers

 Approval of foreign experts' departure for a homeland visit and their return to Israel - Foreign experts who wish to fly for a national holiday with their family members and have a one-year permit, will be approved to leave and return to Israel.  The application for a return permit will be submitted by the Population Authority expert before leaving Israel.

 Artists, cultural professionals and athletes - their entry will be approved subject to presentation by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.  The request will be submitted to the Bureau of Immigration and Immigration Authority by the commissioning body.

  Social Welfare Volunteers - The welcoming organization will contact the relevant government office for a professional recommendation for foreign volunteers.  The letter of recommendation, together with a celestial list of invitees, will be forwarded to the Population Authority ( and emigrated for further treatment.

 Healing Tourism - Inquiries will be submitted by the hospital manager directly to the Ministry of Health, which will forward the application for approval of the Population and Immigration Authority and the Foreign Ministry.

 Weddings - Arriving at the wedding of Israeli citizens, permanent or foreign residents, whose legal life in Israel is lawful, will be approved if the foreign spouse, if necessary, and first-time relatives together with their spouse and children (up to one year of age).  In addition, entrance to the bridesmaids and grandparents will be allowed.  The application for admission will be made by contacting the Israel Representative instead of the applicant's stay:

 Bar / Bat Mitzvah - An Israeli citizen's bar / bat mitzvah will be approved for first-class family members along with their spouses and children (up to the age of one) as well as grandparents.  The application will be made through an application to the Israel Representative instead of the applicant's stay:

 Births - Arrival for the birth of a grandson will be approved for the grandchild's grandparents about one month before the estimated birth date and one month after the birth date.  The application will be made through an application to the Israel Representative instead of the applicant's stay:

 Funerals - Arriving at a funeral held in Israel will only be approved for first-class family members and their spouses.  The application will be made through an application to the Israel Representative instead of the applicant's stay:

 Lone Soldiers - Arrival of a lone soldier will be approved for spouses, parents and siblings.  The application will be made through an application to the Israel Representative instead of the applicant's stay: or through the Bureau of the Population Authority.

 All that applies to married people is also valid for well-known people in the public, proof of marriage will be made to the Israeli representative in the place of residence of the couple or in the offices of the Director of Population in Israel, as applicable.

Things To Do

For the Family
Israel ScaVenturesLooking for an interactive and fun way to learn about the history of Jerusalem and its many neighborhoods? A Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt is the answer. Play this fun game with your whole family, race against other teams as you solve riddles and clues that take you to your next destination. Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts are available in the Old City, Nachlaot, Tzfat and now Gush Etzion (in jeeps or private cars).
Call Tali: 052-835-8072
Kif TzubaAn outdoor amusement park for kids of all ages just outside of Jerusalem in Kibbutz Tzuba of the Judean Hills. Rides include climbing stations, ropes course, carousel, bumper cars, laser tag, bumper boats (summer), a brand new roller coaster and more.
Eretz Breishit Ė Genesis LandEnjoy an ancient experience at Eretz Breishit when you are greeted by Eliezer and brought into the tent of Avraham. Be a part of the Biblical story when you ride a camel to the tent and partake in some light refreshments from the couple known for their hospitality. Visitors are given clothes to wear from Biblical times and have a chance to meet Biblical characters (not all characters are present each day). Eretz Breishit is a 20 minute drive from Jerusalem near Maale Adumim.
Tour Guides
Rocky StewartExperienced and licensed tour guide for tours all over Israel
323-395-2816/ 058-543-8406
Arky Staiman

Arky is a dynamic tour guide all over Israel. He is full of energy and inspiration about the land of Israel! He is ready to show you parts of Israel you have never known about. He can cater to all ages and styles, Contact him at                                    Mention " ROD" for a discount

Jeeping, Rappelling, Caving, ZiplineExplore Israel from a different angle with jeeping, rapelling, climbing, and caving with a guide of 25 years experience. Option to book a full day package as well that combines everything. (see ad on right)
Shomer Shabbos
Contact Itamar: 052-230-0306
ZUZU Segway ToursTake a Segway tour through Jerusalem, a great way to see an ancient city using todayís modern technology. Tours are informative, fun and entertaining. Segway tours are for ages 16+ but if you have mixed ages in your group then ask for a combination of bikes for younger kids, electric bikes for ages 12+ and Segways for 16+. You can all ride together on one tour. There will be a guide for every 5-10 people. Guides are English speakers with professional guiding experience who add humor, historical knowledge and Segway safety experience to your ride. Tour Options: Yemin Moshe, Old City, Bridge of Strings or the Biblical Zoo.
Jerusalem Pool3 Swimming Pools for your comfort: Olympic indoor swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool, a kiddie pool and water slide. Green lawns and large sun terraces.
Emek Refaim 43
Zikit ParkLocated near the new lake in Maale Adumim, just 15 minutes outside of Jerusalem, great fun is assured at The Zikit Park which has a variety of challenging activities for kids and families: ropes course, kayak in the lake, laser tag, peddle boats for kids, go karts and a toddler gymboree. Free parking.
Jerusalem ZooThe Jerusalem Zoo is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places in Jerusalem. The vast grounds and beautiful landscape along with the wide selection of animals make this a must see for kids and adults. The Zoo has events, juggling and workshops during school vacations throughout the year. Kids love the zoo train. Free Parking.
Address: Aharon Shuluv 1 in Jerusalem (Malcha neighborhood)!home-english/c1yeo
Factory Tours
Bamba FactoryLearn about the history of Bamba, the most popular snack in Israel made of peanut butter, and how it is made. See a 3D video and enjoy a nice surprise at the end! (1 hour tour) Located 1 hour outside of Jerusalem.
Hamelacha 55
Holon, Israel
Michal Negrin FactoryExperience a unique tour of the Michal Negrin Factory located in Bat Yam: Watch a 10 min film about the history of Michal Negrin and take a guided tour of the jewelry, fashion and home decor factory. The tour ends with a cup of hot chocolate and a piece of cake in their cafe. This is a great day trip from Jerusalem for ages 7+. The tour is 1.5 hrs.

Cost: 20 NIS Times: 9:30am-6pm Sun-Thurs or 9:30am-2:30pm Friday Phone: 03-555-3326 

Simcha Planning

Simcha Halls/ Rooms
The Great SynagogueThe Great Shul and Grand Ballroom, stunning hall and enormous in size, located across the street from the Plaza Hotel and an easy walk from Rechavia. This Hall is great for a wedding or larger Simcha.

56 King George St. 02-623-0628/ 1800-209-090


Beit Knesset Netzach YisroelAmerican Style newly renovated Shul with a large open hall for Simchas of all kinds, very accommodating staff and beautiful hall; central location.
22 Ibn Ezra, (corner of Ramban)
Beit Knesset Hanasi - Young Israel of RechaviaAmerican Style Young Israel Shul in the heart of the Rechavia community. The Hall is on the ground level and is on the smaller side, great for a small family simcha, smaller Bris, Kiddush, etc.
24 Ussishkin
The Chocolate BoxWe carry boxes of chocolate truffles, chocolate pretzels, platters, and arrangements. Hotel welcome packages, shabbos gifts, and snack bags for trips.
All ingredients are Badatz eida hachareidus.
To place your order, or for more info call Esti Lang:
02-582-0129, 052-768-6957, 718-554-7918
Party Planners
Tourus Itinerary Planning

At Tourus we take care of every detail from A-Z to insure that your trip to Israel will be a once-in-a-life-time experience! We create unique tailor-made itineraries according to your own personal interests and age groups! Our staff includes handpicked drivers, guides, catering so we can assure you that every detail will be taken care of. We also organize and create "jaw dropping" effects-BAR/BAS mitzvas, Weddings, and Corporate events. Contact us today.

Riki Kanterovitz PhotographyMake your Jerusalem memories last forever! (see ad on right)
Call Riki at 054-795-4136
Aleh Koteret Flowers BoutiqueProvides a superior selection of premiere floral and event management services and offer Jerusalemís broadest selection of seasonal and exotic blooms as well as the latest trends and arrangement techniques.
11 HaKeren HaKayemet Le-Israel Street
02-563-9846/ 02-566-5763


Shuls in the Area
HagraShteibel type Shul with revolving Minyanin throughout the day
5 Bar Zakai St. (corner of Hashla)
Shaboss Shacharis - 7:00, 7:15, 7:30, 8:15, 8:45 and 9:00 AM
Young Israel of RechaviaYoung Israel English Speaking Shul
24 Ussishkin
Rabbi Berel Wein
Info Line: 02-567-0664
Beit Knesset Netzach YisroelAmerican Style Shul with Second Day Minyanim
22 Ibn Ezra, (corner of Ramban)
Shaboss Shacharis - 7:45
Avraham Berniker: 052-763-3330
The Great SynagogueLarge and beautiful Shul with incredible Chazanim.

56 King George (across from The Plaza Hotel)

Office: 02-623-0628


Breslev Minyan HashlaBreslev Style Minyan with a lot of singing and warmth
Shabbos Shacharis - 8:30
Moshe Gottdiener:
ChorevIsraeli Style Mizrachi Shul
20 Ibn Gavirol
Shabbos Shacharis - 8:45
Yisrael Gelbard: 052-287-6972
Yeshurun Central SynagogueBoasts a great Chazzan and a late Minyan on Shabbos in the Beis Medrash and kids service. Daf Yomi shiur in English throughout the week at 8 AM as well as an English program of shiurim on Sunday,Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
44 King George Street
Mikvah by Area
Nachlaot MikvahRenovated Mikva in the Nachlaot area- 5-7 minute walk from Rechavia
7 Hanetziv
Office: 02-625-5560
Rechavia MikvahBeautiful New Renovated Mikva on the border of the Rechavia and Talbieh Neighborhoods
5 Haari
Office: 02-563-2783
Sanhedria MikvahThis is a very nice and spacious Mikvah in Sanhedria, if you can travel you will enjoy a more spacious and comfortable experience
Harav Bloy 22
Office: 02-581-1977
Community Rav
Rav ViderFamily Purity
5 Shaarei Chessed
Home: 02-561-2338
Rav RosenthalCommunity Rav
32 Hakalir
Home: 02-567-0395