• Stunning 3 bedroom in City Center, Private Sukka available right of the Lobby!
  • 4 Bedroom Exquisite Vacation Rental near Inbal Hotel in Talbieh. Ground floor with private Sukka.
  • 3 Bedroom spacious apartment with views of Jerusalem and the Knesset. Can be fully cleaned and koshered for Pesach.
  • New Luxury Vacation apartment in the Saidoff Towers, fantastic gym room/ pool. City Center location.
  • Large Dining Area with plenty of room for entertaining, can be koshered and ready for Pesach.
  • Garden Apartment with private outdoor area. 3 Bedrooms, an ideal apartment for an Israel Family trip.
  • Luxury 4 bedroom in the Wolfson Villas in Shaarei Chessed. Large Sukka Porch available with plenty of room for entertaining. Book this one today!
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